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SAME DAY EDIT: Jason and Geraldyn

I never expected for Jason and Geraldyn to book me for their wedding. 6 years ago, Pat Dy and I shot the wedding of Geraldyn’s sister and I distinctly remember  hearing the young Geraldyn talk to my partner about the possibility of him shooting her wedding someday in the far future.  Back then, I never would have given thought about this little conversation. You see being under the wing of a great mentor meant having to be comfortable to take backseat safe under the long shadow cast by his immense talent and stature. You could imagine my surprise when Geraldyn called me and said she wanted me to shoot her wedding.

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SAME DAY EDIT: Paulo and Rosch

Seven years ago, I shot the wedding of Carlo and (name of bride) on the lovely shores of Boracay. I remember seeing his brother Paulo there, beaming with pride by his Kuya’s side, his eyes rich with the promise that someday it would be his turn to marry the love of his life.

We partied the night away as friendships were made and tears of happiness flowed with each drop of alcohol. The following day, I rushed off to Manila for another wedding lost in my thoughts of whether I would be given the chance to see that promise come to life.

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Lee Family on Film

When you have several rolls of Fuji 400H,  the perfect family with a new baby girl, sunshine and a new medium format camera, you just go ahead and shoot shoot shoot!

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SAME DAY EDIT: Jared and Macky

Jared and Macky’s love affair started in New york while they were both living there for school. A couple of years later and a baby in tow, I was able to witness their strong bond first hand miles away from the big apple at their current home in Dubai. They flew me in for a couple of days to capture a snippet in their unfolding love story as they made a home in Dubai where Jared was re assigned to for work. After all is said and done, after all the miles and times apart, the waiting is over and now they are home. For all the craziness that long distance relationships bring, one striking line from Jared’s vows to Macky ,resonated with me, “someday it will all be worth it”. Indeed I look into the eyes of their son and I see how that is so true for them.

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So today is my birthday and as a way to give back to the world (ala Jason Magbanua!) I am giving away 5 (five) slots for either an engagement session  or a family portrait session within Metro Manila. I am offering only FILM SESSIONS (photos shot on film cameras and not digital) for this birthday promotion!  WHY FILM? More details and mechanics after the fold…

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SAME DAY EDIT: Alvin and Melissa

There is nothing in the world quite like shooting a wedding wherein you are treated more as a family member than a vendor. I will never forget the hospitality shown to me and my team the entire day by both families. Mel’s mom and sister Andi were bright-eyed the minute they saw us enter the bridal room. They were scared I would not make it to the wedding day having flown in from Dubai a day before. Mel’s brother, whose friend’s wedding I shot, was a riot as ever, setting a relaxed atmosphere for our photo session.

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SAME DAY EDIT: Perry and Kaia

I have known Perry and Kaia for more than a decade now. We are all members of a catholic faith community called Agape Days With The Lord, a retreat giving group catering to young adults.

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